Trusted and Experienced Educator

Torrance Unified School District is one of the greatest school districts in the state, and because of this, many of us chose to live in this community. However, we're facing an unprecedented time in public education history.

Many of us are wondering:

  • How will we continue to provide students with access to high-quality education?

  • How will organizations navigate the uncertainties surrounding state and local budgets?

  • How will we keep our schools safe, clean, and secure for students, staff, and members of our community?

As a parent, an educator, and a long-time Torrance resident, I am deeply committed to expanding high-quality education for all students, promoting organizational excellence, and ensuring safe and healthy schools. However, it's imperative that we work with all stakeholders to develop creative and innovative solutions to implement these goals. It's for these reasons, I've decided to run for the Torrance School Board. I have the leadership experience needed to help lead our District in the years ahead:

  • Over 10 years of combined public education experience as a school administrator, teacher, and classified employee

  • Solid educational background consisting of an Ed.D. from USC, M.B.A. from UC Irvine, and C.S.E. from UC Davis

  • Well respected and supported by leaders within and outside our community

This is a critical election for the future of TUSD, and I look forward to your vote on November 3, 2020.

Endorsed By:

Jeremy Gerson,Torrance Unified Board Member
James Han,Torrance Unified Board Member
Don Lee,Torrance Unified Board Member
Betty Lieu,Torrance Unified Board Member
Terry Ragins,Torrance Unified Board Member
CSEA #845,Torrance Student Support Staff
Pat Furey,Torrance Mayor
Heidi Ashcraft,Torrance Councilmember
Tim Goodrich,Torrance Councilmember
Mike Griffiths,Torrance Councilmember
Torrance Police Officers Association
Torrance Teachers Association

Civic Leaders:

Martha Deutsch, former Torrance Unified Board Member; President, Torrance Education Foundation

Gary Kuwahara, former Torrance Unified Board Member; Torrance Unified Personnel Commissioner

Al Muratsuchi, former Torrance Unified Board Member; California Assemblymember

Dave Sargent, former Torrance Unified Board Member; former Torrance Traffic Commissioner

Mark Steffen, former Torrance Unified Board Member

Michael Wermers, former Torrance Unified Board Member

Terry Furey, Torrance Unified Personnel Commissioner

Steven Bradford, California State Senator

Bill Applegate, former Torrance Councilmember

Milton Herring, former Torrance Councilmember

Geoff Rizzo, former Torrance Councilmember

Kurt Weideman, former Torrance Councilmember; Historic Preservation Commissioner

Viraj Ala, Torrance Youth Council Member

Jean Adelsman, Torrance Civil Service Commissioner

Steven Hsiao, Torrance Cultural Arts Commissioner

Randy Klinenberg, Torrance Cultural Arts Commissioner

Lynda Kraemer, Torrance Cultural Arts Commissioner

Michelle Polcari, Torrance Cultural Arts Commissioner

Toni Sargent, Torrance Cultural Arts Commissioner

Kathryn D. Endo-Roberts, Torrance Environmental Quality and Energy Conservation Commissioner

Andrew DeBlock, Torrance Historic Preservation Commissioner

Judith C. Gibson, Torrance Historic Preservation Commissioner

Rosie Javaid, Torrance Library Commissioner

Ed Candioty, Torrance Parks and Recreation Commissioner

Dan Feliz, Torrance Parks and Recreation Commissioner

David Kartsonis, Torrance Parks and Recreation Commissioner

Dr. Laurie Love, Torrance Parks and Recreation Commissioner

Elizabeth Pino, Torrance Planning Commissioner

Robert Rudolph, Torrance Planning Commissioner

Asam Sheikh, Torrance Planning Commissioner

Jimmy Gow, Torrance Social Services Commissioner

Shirley Jones, Torrance Social Services Commissioner

Bob Habel, Torrance Traffic Commissioner

M. Kent Kawai, Torrance Water Commissioner

Community Leaders and Supporters:

David Chsu

Bob Dowell

Peggy Dowell

Judi Gerber

Alan Glasband

Zohra Haji

Marianne Hamada

Jerry Herbers

Sue Herbers

Cinda Herring

Mary Hoffman

Leilani Kimmel-Dagostino

Dale Korman

Alex Kwong

Mike Lewis

Hari Madala

Brandon Matson

Jess Negrete

Steve Norris

Ritas Smith

Susan Swinburne

Greg Taylor

Becky Terry

Glen Terry

Marc Wasserman

Megan Willis